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Ocean Book

Ocean Book


There is nothing like being around, on and in the ocean. Acclaimed photographers, Dain Blair andAaron Taylor, take you on an astonishing journey through stunning photography of the ocean, ranging from the stillness of the sea to breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and waves upon waves of pure delight.

Each page captures a moment, a feeling and a desire to be there. You will feel that you can touch the water and relax in the peaceful tranquility that comes as your feet touch the sand and the salt water splashes around your ankles. You will be calmed from the gentle rocking of a sailboat gliding through the sea and entranced by beautiful images.

We travel around the world, from the California coastline, to Hawaii, Italy and the breathtaking beauty of Indonesia. These are just a few of the amazing places you will experience as you immerse yourself into the pages of this exquisite book. A smooth hardcover, Ocean is the perfect gift, coffee table and collectable year round book.

Ocean is a book that will bring you joy and inspiration for years to come.

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